Hello! I am Andrei Ursan. I work as technology consultant and freelancer. I have a passion for building great products that scale to millions of users. 

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Skills & Interests

Software Engineering

From software architecture to backend development, from enterprise products to highly scalable consumer products, I can assist you in building the next great product for your company.

Cloud Architecture

Being in the Cloud is not what once used to mean. AWS, Azure, Redhat Openshift, are all technologies that I can help you with, either to create a new infrastructure or to migrate an existing one.

Product Management

Building tech products requires a different mindset, tools, and execution strategy. I can help you with setting your digital strategy, tech roadmap and support  you for a successful go to market MVP.


Tellio is my main project, currently we are in closed beta, polishing all the product sides.  Tellio is a modern marketing automation service for Telegram and Instagram. We are focusing mainly on companies that already use Telegram channels and groups and want to improve in customer engagement